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Dismount many vehicles or infantry in one time?

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Right now, from two days, I play FSM in RT mode. In manual it is written that it is possible to dismount many vehicles by one step i.e. at the end of the move. But I expierenced that choosing more than one vehicle, cancel the dismount mode for them. It is also impossible to order the same assault or any move order for more than one mounted infantry unit. Is that correct? is the manual false? Do I have to always choose particular unit and order theese actions?

I play SF+Marine 1.32

Thx for replay

Sorry for maybe stupid-allready answered question :rolleyes:

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Dismounting multiple vehicles simultaniously is done by using waypoints & pause combinations. Pause the game, draw a couple of waypoints for the vehicles you wish to dismount, then select each vehicles last waypoint and click "Dismount". When you un-pause the game again, the vehicles will move to through their designated waypoints and the infantry will dismount as soon as their transports have reached their final waypoints. You can coordinate the timing of the whole procedure by adding pauses to the waypoints.

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