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Revisiting Jaegermeister - map

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Hi guys,

I am converting the Jaegermeister scenario from CMBB (calling it Thundermeister :D). However, since I am not really good at the A.I stuff and plans and such and don´t have the time to change that, would anyone of you care to help me finish it? The map looks quite decent as it is, but there could be things to improve. It´s pretty close to the original but not exact. I have also added most of the units and deployed them.

Since it´s such a classic scenario it would be great to be able to play it in RT. Anyone who agree and whom would think it fun to play around with some scenario making? If so, let me know and I could mail the file.


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For a while I've been contemplating doing some AI plans for some fictional battles, because I like fictional battles and most available are historical. Tried the editor since CMSF, made some test scenario's for myself in the past and started a scenario some time long ago. However, map making (visual artistic creativity) is not my thing but logical creativity is. At least, it helps me getting paid ;) so I guess I should be at least technically be able do the AI plan part of new maps. Than I always had the excuse of having not enough time even playing all scenario's, so that's where those aspirations ended.

Anyway your 'call for assistance' pushed me to give it a spin, so I'd be interested trying it out and see what I can do- without guarantees of results. One slight problem is that I have never played CMx1, so don't what the scenario was like :D

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