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High Quality Sound 1.5

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Heh, yeah. I certainly DO like his MG42 - best of the "ripping" sounds in any of the soundmods out there.

oops, no offence, Oddball, lol ;)

None taken.

I am a firm believer of picking and choosing the best sounds you can find from whatever sound mods or sound sources you can to make your own soundmod.

It's how I started modding sounds from the beginning (way back when Rainbow Six was new).

I plan to go through waclaws mod sometime soon and cherrypicking any sounds I might like, but usually they are all too bass-heavy for my tastes so I haven't found much to my liking yet.

But we do use mostly the same sources so that speaks volumes to how close we are in our tastes. I just like a little less rumble in my speakers and I tend to prioritise having distinct sounds for weapons over having heavier movie-type sounds.

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Sure, but if other weapons of the same caliber make a much louder bang its a bit out of place.

Heh, I have always considered Waclaws 9mm's as much too loud.

It's one of my pet peeves with his mod.

Love his explosions and armour riccochets tho. And most of his cannons :)

I like using hickock45's videos for comparisons.

Of course the audio won't be the same as in real life, but since most of it is recorded with the same equipment, at the same firing range, from the same distance and by the same person, you can make some decent comparisons between the weapons and how they sound in terms of volume.

Here's one of his MP40 videos:

Compare it to his Sten video:

And here's a semi-auto Thompson:

No videos of him firing a PPSh 41 unfortunately. (but one with the Tokarev TT:


EDIT: Oh and the only other weapon of the same caliber is the sten gun... there are no other 9mm submachineguns in the game.

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