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Red Hordes

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Well First kudos to the designer.I like those defend to the last men type of scenario.

These are my results...At the end I was ambushing tanks with grenades lol..

Try it and post your results here:

I love this scenario. I have beefed up the Russians since I hope to persuade the AI Germans to simply run away and not do any fighting to the last man.

So far (in two runs)....the AI has played interesting games and not many Germans seem to have run away. I mean one does see them fleeing and surrendering but there seems to be a certain amount of fighting to the last man here and there.

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Bit of a necro here, but why open a new discussion when one was already started?

Loved it as the Germans. How often in a wargame can we say playing as the defender was fun...not often.

I would actually disagree, generally speaking I much prefer defensive tactics to offensive ones. Setting up ambushes, fields of fire, fall back positions, and especially when doing so against overwhelming amounts of aggressors, is altogether probably my most favorite activity in wargames. But to each their own, certainly.

... but having said that, this mission still kicks my ass. Three ATGs, two StuGs, two 'shrecks, and assorted Panzerfaust 30s doesn't seem like enough to take out what seems to be upwards of 40-50 T-34/85s moving at you in concentrated, coordinated waves. On my best try (the first one, oddly) I managed to take out 24 of them before they overran my defenses.

I'll give it another try, but I get the feeling this is one of those missions that may only be winnable by exploiting a quirk in the AI strategy after memorizing it from several repeated battles. Still, losing in this game can often be nearly as fun as winning, in my opinion.

As an aside, anyone who loves the gratification that comes from sneaking a Panzerfaust unit within striking distance of a tank and then knocking it out will absolutely adore this mission, because towards the end, that's all it is: perpetual 'faust ambushing.

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I think the scenario should have been named "Green Hordes" since you can demolish the limited Soviet infantry fairly quickly but are left fighting nothing but Soviet armour with grenades and panzerfaust, as observed. My experience was fairly similar to OP, except I had the misfortune of having the main gun taken out on a StuG relatively early on by a lucky shot. The other one managed to take out 10 T34s before it ran out of ammo, so I guess it all balanced out in the end.

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Umm guess I am one of the few that played this one as the Russian. Lets see had about 41 tanks and I lost 20 of them and two thirds of my infantry. Pretty much wiped out everything the Germans had . Took all the land objectives. It said it was a major Soviet victory, but of course it didn't feel very "victorious" I suppose at this stage of the war the USSR could accept such appalling losses though. A side note the Russian player was supposed to have a battery of 122mm, I kept checking every turn: "denied, out of contact, not available" none of my HQ tanks or infantry could get hold of it the entire game. It might have made things a little easier to soften up those anti tank guns. (sigh)

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