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Quick Battle Map AI question

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In quick battle maps there are associated AI plans. Do all quick battle AI's use a single group?

Certainly not. That would be an exception rather than a common occurrence, I think.

If not, how does the game decide what units are in AI group 1,2,3 etc?

As far as I can tell it's either arbitrary, or, more likely, by round-robin by Formation. So if the force has two formations (A company of infantry bought first from a pared-down "1st Battalion" plus a platoon of tanks isolated from a 2nd Panzer Battalion , say) the AI will allocate the infantry to group 1 and the tanks to group 2. And if you've got an independent platoon of ATGs as a third formation, they'd go in group 1

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QB AI has advanced to the point where I've been left behind. I used to be able to throw together a mean set of AI orders back-in-the-day. But if I'm going to get 'back on the horse' AI construction-wise I'm going to have to do a little reading up. I mean this in a good way. Like I've traded in my old VW Rabbit for a Porsche and have to get accustomed to the new controls. :D

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"But if I'm going to get 'back on the horse' AI construction-wise..."

I told you the horses were just sleeping :)

Just kidding.

I don't have CMRT yet but did notice Mark was listed as the primary / solo act in Quick Battles! It will be very interesting to play around with the new editor for sure. AI construction-wise (CMBN/FI) I keep it very simple... a few units vs a few units and muck about to lear what the controls do.

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