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New scenario: CMRT Train Spotting

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Hi folks,

Coming soon in a theater near you: Train Spotting!

I just submitted this new scenario to the repository. It will probably be up this weekend. So stay tuned!

Here is picture of Zodzina Train station:


So peaceful and quiet. The train can arrive any minute now...

PanzerMike out

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Sorry I was late with my final comments from testing. I had hoped to finish it Monday, but finally did last night, and will just say here that the surprises as I advanced were fun and made for an excellent challenge.

It's well worth a spin, everybody!

Seconded - I played this when it was in development. It is a good little tactical challenge.

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@Wicky: thanks for putting up the image this way. The link to google+ does not work as I had hoped :mad:; the pic does not show in my post.

@Felix_45: alas, this is not designed for H2H. I am currently working on another scenario: CMRT Firebrigade von Saucken. Completely different from Train Spotting. That one will be playable H2H.

@Combatintman&mjkerner: thanks for playtesting this battle. I have altered a few (minor) things since you guys played it, according to some of your suggestions. I hope others get some fun out of this one too.

@MikeyD: in the works: CMRT Firebrigade von Saucken. Will take some more time before it is finished though.

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Nice map and nice Scenario,

thrilling and punishes every unforgivable sin!


I take it you enjoyed the ride :). Thanks for the feedback! Getting feedback on scenarios is not easy; has been discussed before. Only a small percentage of the players that dl and play it actually rate a scenario, let alone give useful feedback. This is unfortunate, but a fact of life :(.

Feel free to elaborate a little on your experience playing this scenario (likes/dislikes, end result, suggestions, etc.). Only make sure you add a header that says something like: SPOILERS BE HERE.


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A pretty good scenario I encourage to play. Besides a well done map, it offers a real Recon tactical challenge for the Red side. You won't see any train for the time being, but the RR station is so well done that you can imagine flatcars on the RR tracks waiting to be loaded with trucks.

Staying on your list PM for further scenarios testing.


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