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Flamethrower vs T-34-85.

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Just thought that since it's a relatively rare occurrance to get a flamethrower close enough to a tank to fire at it, I'd show a video of it.

Not that I did much damage, but at least it shows the effects of the impacts (and a very odd miss at first)

Interesting - I guess the crew bailed because of the initial front hull penetration, not because of the flamethrower? There seemed to be quite a delay from the hit to bailing, but no damage message displayed from the flame thrower.

If any of the flamethrower made it into the vents I guess that would encourage the crew to leave ;)

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---- SPOILER !!!! -----

When playing the MYTH OF INVINCIBILITY scenario as the germans a stupid mistake prevented me from getting my first flamethrower tank-kill (i think)...

I had 2 flamthrowers in a reverse slope possition in the field east of the POTATO SHED...They were perfectly located when the russian armoured counterattack (T34/85) came on the left flank...A T34 moved right between my two guys who were in range...One of them did get a burst of...At first i thought he killed the tank but...NO

The second flamethrower did not manage to get a shot off...HE WAS STILL ON HIDE :mad:

Had i not missed to unhide him i would have had 2 flamethrower-guys fire at that tank...That ought to have been enough to take it out...

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Who else tried to mouse on the video to get a look from the flamethrower's perspective!


I do that all the time when watching CM videos. :D

Worse is watching flight sim videos and moving my head to change the view as if I'm wearing my TrackIR ! ;)

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I had the same experience in Red Hordes. My flamethrower team hit twice with a full load from perhaps 15 metres. The grass around the T-34/85 burned for quite some time, but that was all. During the impact of the burning oil it seemed like the whole tank was getting up in flames, but it appeared again, completly untouched, like a Phoenix from the ashes. Pity. Would have been such a nice memory.

Btw, very nice scenario.

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