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Aris CMRT Mods

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The important thing is how well you treated your pet(s) (or any loved ones) during life. That's the best that any of us can do. Once gone, they're gone. No regrets.

And yes, throwing oneself into work helps.

Yeah, I keep telling my dog that he could only have it better if I had a huge farm or garden that he could run around in... other than that he pretty much has it set :)

Not that he listens to me :P

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Siento lo del gato Aris.

Tenía un profe de antropología que decía que los animales de compañía modernos eran una especie de sustitutivo de los hijos, con la particulariad de que no crecían nunca. Por eso se les quiere tanto.

¿Has pensado en utilizar "mod tags" para ampliar el número de variantes? Tipo [arisberlin] para una variante usada solo en Berlín etc.

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Sad to say I lost all my Terrain Mod progress in a unfortunate HD crash,...My t-34 survived the incident though, phew.

That sucks. That's why I tend to back up work in progress files at least once a day. Sometimes up to three times, depending on how 'significant' and/or time consuming the work I just did was. It also allows me to go back a few days/versions if I screw things up along the way.

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I have a feeling that we are going to be spoiled with high-quality mods pretty fast :)

After all, the russians have pretty much streamlined their vehicles (T-34, IS, ISU, SU in different calibers pretty much) so I have a hunch that they will be popping out quickly :)

Of course, I could be wrong... I mean... it's bound to happen sometime, right? :D

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