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French Gold and Ships

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- Yes Germans get forst chance though there is a catch because the port starts at 0 and Axis units staying on the island will rise USA mobilization % each turn.

- So once you get the gold most players will disband the unit there. That's also why they use small units (mostly GAR) to grab the gold: not a big loss when disbanding in low supply.

- You have the same problem when landing as Allies if the port starts at 0 supply: it will raise Vichy Axis leaning A LOT. So keep an eye on that if you don't want to give Vichy for free to Axis.


- About how to avoid it:the only way is to destroy axis transports before they reach the port. If they reach the port you'll need a carrier to sink them before they land and grab the gold.

- In my ongoing ladder game vs Isno (Axis): he naval transported 2 italian GAR from East Africa to Dutch Guyana (he delayed the conquest of Holland to get a working port at supply 5).

- I sunk one of the GAR but the other was one turn away from Fort-de-France. Then he delayed the Fall of Paris to get Vichy/gold event at the best time. Had three cruisers nearby but couldn't stop the transport as he used Kriegsmarine to scout the way.

- I sunk the carrier when it popped and damaged some Kriegsmarine units but the gold was lost so you definitely need a naval group with a carrier if you want to stop the nazi counterpart of Kelly's Heroes :D .

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Can you put an allied transport in the port before France surrenders? Seems like that would nix any axis attempt to get the ships or gold.

Just to be clear, the axis or allies put a fleet unit in the port they get the ships. If they land a unit on the island they get the gold. Can you get both?

You cannot disembark a unit until it gets to 5 supply?

Did he wait 5 turns after France fell to put a unit on the island?

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You can receive both. A transport will in the port will trigger the ships, and when he unloads you can get the gold. Then disband the troop to avoid waiting for supply and upsetting USA.

Also putting an allied ship in port won't work. It's part of Vichy France and Vichy kicks all allied units out of it's territory when it is established.

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