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DEMO rumors !

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I've heard from a very reliable source that the demo is going to be only 10sec long and that you will only be able to use the move command (not fire).

I've also heard that the scenario is created by OSCAR (a US field kitchen vs. a KT) and that he had made obstacles so you have to move in a Hex like manner.

The fire command is not in yet but a patch later on will allow the US field kitchen to trow HE pots and pans. A later patch will allow the US field kitchen drown the bailed out german crew in peasoup (because the surrender thing isnt in yet)

aaahhhmmmm sorry ! I get a little wako under the examperiod.

Any replys to this post must be = or < exaggerated. I dont want to start some rumors smile.gif

Björn "Give me the freaking DEMO" Elfström

What ....Who my reliable source is ? Mr Hat ofcourse ! smile.gif

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Guest Big Time Software

Oh no, Björn, they have South Park in Sweden? I fear for your country smile.gif


P.S. "If you love him, go to him" wink.gif

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