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Any help???

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I'm keep getting a "Dialog" box that says:

"CM Normandy.exe Has Stopped Working

a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

I receive this message everytime i try to launch the game.

Here is what happen. I purchase the CMBN with Market Garden Bundle game. Paid for the download and mailing. I downloaded the package. I read the instructions on how to install each section.

1. Install Commonwealth

2. Install 1.11 patch

3. Install Market Garden

4. Install 2.12 patch

5. Launch the game.

6. Input lic.

I never got pass #5. And yes i made sure when i installed each section i DID NOT allow the game to launch at anytime until the last install was completed.

My laptop im using is:

Toshiba Satelite U845W-S400

64-Bit operation system

Windows 7 home edition


I don't have any games installed on this system so my memory is free up.

Now i also tried to install it on my other machine that is:

Toshiba Satellite P855


64- Bit

Windows 7 Professional

I get the same message. That is 2 different machines.

Am I out $105???

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You don't need to post this topic in more than one location. BF will see it just fine in the Tech Support forum.


It's just that no one from Battle Front has answerd my post yet. It;s a little frustrating when you want to play a game you paid for and can't because of this error.

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