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WIP Soviet Parade Tanks

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By Request I have agreed to do soviet parade style tanks... Ugh! Shouldn't take very long, not much to it. This is just one type. They will all get a fresh coat of paint. Many will have soviet numbers and other designations. You can use em if you want but you gotta promise me you don't get them dirty.


caps are unretouched. These are still a little rough.


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Be cool if they came on a little parade map with a Kremlin lookalike (using the new onion dome church model, high brick walls and large building with high balcony). Some Soviet officers perched on the balcony to review the parade, and have the tanks, SUs and Katyushas set with AI to roll down the boulevard in grand style....

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I have several pictures of soviet parades in a soviet publication called "paradi" (in cyrillic), all the tanks from ww2 era appear without any white band, but for some su-76 with the wheel pins and side skirts painted white.

The only vehicles of that period with some White where wheeled trucks and some lend lease, where their tire rim is Painted White.

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If you want the tank's barrells to point up have a high building some where on the map and have they target one of the higher floors. They will elevate their guns to follow your orders and then as long as you don't have them target anywhere else they will keep their guns at the higher elevation as they drive around.

warning - I have not actually tested that in CMRT but that is how tanks behave in CMBN and FI

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are you planing on release that t34 mod?

Yes its pretty much done for the 85 series. No longer parade tanks, its victory tanks now. We changed direction a bit with it and added a little dust and paint wear to take away from the Toy look to give it a movie look. A couple pics below of where its at now. Also added a 3rd unmarked tank for variety, so 3 for each type now.



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