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1.5 update crashes

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We think the crash problem is fixed, but we were unable to reproduce the repeated and near immediate crash reported here. But something crashing was found and fixed, so we're hopeful that is one in the same problem.

Apple allows for one "rushed release" that bypasses their normal internal double checking procedures that take up to a week. We've decided to use it now. Therefore, v1.51 should be available very soon.


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Agreed, thanks for the quick response, Steve! Although mine wasn't crashing with the frequency of the OP, I did eventually start to hit crashes at certain points. Haven't had a single crash since the update though!

I've been pretty surprised at how well the AI puts up a fight too. I played a defensive mission the other night and the German AI just rolled right over me.

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Well, mystery solved. I thought i was playing on a kindle fire HD, but it was actually a 1st generation Fire. Now i have upgraded to a true Fire HD (2nd generation) and it works fine, no problems. Played for over a half hour, no crashes. For those trying to play on a Kindle, it should be at least a 2nd generation Fire HD. I wish Amazon would name their Kindles more clearly.

Amazon claims that CM touch should run on a 1st gen Fire, but mine got really hot then crashed. They claim it was due to a defective battery, but I'm not sure I agree. I think the older Kindles are just over taxed by CMT's processing requirements.

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