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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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10 hours ago, mjkerner said:

Great screenies, Macilse and t34!

Thanks! I'll be switching over to F&R for screenies as soon as I can get a copy (have to wait for a few days). Till then, I'm scratching my screenshot itch with stuff from H1nd's Nemanitsa map. It's awesome and has a real Kursk vibe to it.

I decided to grab a minute of footage that captures a bit of the atmosphere. It's the next minute after the last screenshots I posted. The flame HTs were supposed to torch two areas each, but didn't engage. Not sure why the friendly side (right) HT didn't, but the enemy side (left) HT started taking shots from an AT rifle that popped up from a different strongpoint. It got spooked, ran into a ditch, emerged, and then shot up a Soviet waiting to ambush ma' boys. Beautiful CM moment! Anyway, here'tis:


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4.26.1945, Battle of Berlin rages on. A Soviets sappers team advances through rubbles under Artillery support. They setup a demo charge to breach the wall, then storm the next building while under two companies Sappers and tank raiders overwatch



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I just started up Fire and Rubble for the first time, and the very first casualties of the module were caused by one of my Soviet sniper teams. They took down two Germans within seconds, one shot each. These Soviet snipers are awfully lethal. :o

Meet Efreitor Kapitonov:



The battle had only just begun, and I had an infantry company advancing toward a German-held village. I was taking some sporadic MG fire here and there, but nothing serious, and no casualties yet. Kapitonov himself took a burst of MG fire as he was moving into position. Eventually some Germans were spotted. Kapitonov's partner took a shot at a German rifleman at 320 meters, taking him down instantly.



The German was hit less than a second after he fired his rifle. It looked like he was hit right in the gut. Ouch.



Only two or three seconds later, Kapitonov himself took a shot at a German machine-gunner at 400 meters.



The last thing the German saw:



It looked like he was hit through his left shoulder. Lying prone, the bullet probably would have went through the shoulder and down his back. 



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The Soviet infantryman is green. Conditions 'thick haze' and it is very cold. He spots a Panther which is hull down at one kilometer. This kid got a bright future, thermal sights have not been invented yet. If it is against us, we think it maybe a bug. Another theory of mine bites, the dust usually I let veteran or better do the spotting. He spots better than a Crack Unit in SF2 with state-of-the-art equipment. I talk about an TacAir FO in 'Edge of Darkness'. Oh, he did it without binoculars. 



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I was wrong about the thermal sights. The Germans were already experimenting with infrared. The guy next to him has an AT-Rifle. CM doesn't let him borrow it; our eagle-eyed friend could put a slug right down the barrel of the Panther. Would get him a Hero of the Soviet Union Medal. Only kidding happy gaming. 

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4 minutes ago, Kraft said:

Since when shoot Pixeltruppen at surrendering troops? Do you have to target them manually?

Normally, they dont. But in this case it could seem like the troops are shooting at the same moment as the germans are surrendering. Also, it seems like there is incoming fire from some troops outside the picture - perhaps a unit area firing at the german position?

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