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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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Some screenshots from a PBEM I’m playing of Der Ring Der 5th Panzer. 

I’ve some Tigers in over watch, sniping any unwary T-34 at 1500m+ that sticks it’s nose up!


Hasn’t all gone my way. The burning hulks on the right skyline are several SPW that charged into an anti-tank gun ambush set by my canny oppo. 

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An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come und

The tank riding, no prisoner taking, one eyed, Forward Observer.    

Operation Bagration in full effect

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As an aside. I’m experiencing  a great deal of fog and friction. Unsure as to what my oppo has and where, and friction due to a desire not to blunder into something terminal and loss inducing.

I lost three SPW to an ill conceived move and an oppo who exploited it to the full so very risk averse. Fascinating, frustrating and enjoyable in equal measure. 

Im just glad I’m not doing it fir real!

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Aye it is. Very different challenge playing against another person that's for sure.

Playing PBEM breaks it into wee chunks and actually bit easier to better focus on the macro/micro aspects of the action. I'm really enjoying it. Yup and I cannot remember what the Soviets have or where they have it so its an added bonus (knew my rubbish memory would be good for something!).

It brings an added element knowing that my opposite number is eyeing up everything I do and waiting for a chance to jump on any false move or opportunity. Whilst the AI (in my view) does a passable job a wily human player adds a whole extra dimension!

Our combat has taken more the character of small ambushes and/or sniping rather than a massive epic charge. So small unit tactics are key here. That and coordinating your force - I've a small and limited amount of SPW grenadiers so keeping them out of harms way and saving them for when I need em is key. Although so far I've not been that successful...

The other big takeaway is the importance of reconnaissance especially combat reconnaissance. I'm pushing forward patrols (both dismounted and mounted) to try and get eyes on what is happening 'on the other side of the hill'. :)

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This is the first time I've seen a 251/17 engage an enemy aircraft. At first i wondered what it was shooting at. For context this is the opening stage of an assault on one of my 'occupy' objectives. As I'm very light on infantry the poor defenders had been subject to shelling and mortaring and now direct fire from my various HE chuckers that had LOF to the area.


SPW and their rides moving up.




Running forward to take up firing positions. No sign of any surviving opposition, but I'm not taking any chances... Lot's of suppressing fire from their accompanying SPW as well as fire from other supporting units.


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On 7/16/2020 at 6:38 PM, jtsjc1 said:

Excellent video 37mm!  I can't believe after all this time I never played Monster Mash. Thanks for the inspiration!

Totally agree, and it's a great scenario.  Played it in the demo and that persuaded me to buy CMRT - my first CM but already not my last.

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3 hours ago, Baneman said:

One cool thing about watching other people's videos of CM is hearing different sound mods to those you might be using. Which is great if you hear something better than you have, you can seek it out.

I am pretty pleased with the (WIP) ME Soundscape 1.5 and consider it a great improvement over 1.4 (that comes with Heaven & Earth).

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6 hours ago, mjkerner said:

Hey 37mm, what German voice sound mod are you using? The part where the German is uproariously laughing (or maybe hysterically?) was great! And a great video. 

I always use the HQS voices by @waclaw however I subdue them so that they better fit in with the "dynamic range" of the soundscape... I've been slowly working my way through the WW2 voice packs.

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5 hours ago, 37mm said:

I've been slowly working my way through the WW2 voice packs.

Getting a final compilation of all the best sounds from all the sound mods that have been created would be terrific.  I tried to do that some time ago but was quickly intimidated as there are so many.  So... "Respect"...  

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As the Soviets probe forward to their objectives, fighting across the city has been stop and start. Extended quiet periods of careful scouting revealing nothing but empty buildings, followed by sudden contact and short, intense firefights. The enemy seems to be consistently grouping in platoon-sized elements at key hard points.

The Russians have found themselves taking the bull by the horns in yet another such firefight. Having assumed the enemy was fairly depleted, the commander ordered a full-company assault with incomplete scouting. The first minute was initially a pretty even firefight, small arms broadside against small arms broadside across the street. However, the Germans looked to be more willing to hold their ground. Thankfully, the situation was saved by support fire from a heavy AG platoon, light and medium tanks.

Having thrown the Germans back from the main street with apparent heavy losses, the Soviets once again rush forward...only to discover the Germans have taken effective positions in the alleys and courtyard areas behind -- ones that the tanks cannot yet access. A Soviet platoon commander peaks his head out a back alley door and it is immediately severed by a machine gun burst. Having identified the enemy MG location in the alley, one of the dead commander's squads attempts a point blank rush from the adjacent building. However, the German team is ready for them and two men are cut down as they enter.

The Soviet team quickly withdraws back to the main street, regroups, and then attempts another push into a different part of the same building. They spot the MG team!



However, the Germans again react faster than the now rattled Soviets. A burst of MG fire cuts down the lead Russian.



With their platoon commander dead and the company commander briefly out of contact, that is enough for the Soviet team. Hands of surrender go up. One man, two, three...



But not four! Hardoutovich, isn't going to let the platoon commander's sacrifice be in vain. As his comrades drop their weapons, he raises his and empties his magazine right into the enemy.



A German drops to the ground, lifeless, while the others hug the ground for cover. The MG team leader shouts, "Displace!" and jumps up to make his move. As the minute draws to a close, it looks like Hardoutovich has turned the tide and won the alley. The company commander, now back in contact, is well-pleased.


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