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An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come und

The tank riding, no prisoner taking, one eyed, Forward Observer.    

Getting ready for 'Fire & Rubble'...  

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5 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

Something sinister in the wheatfield.

Sinister indeed. The Stug moved thru the wheat field, and pulled onto that dirt road. As they were moving towards a small village, a T-34 hidden among the houses picked them off. The end result being that all the troops riding were KIA. And the war goes on.

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On 10/7/2019 at 2:51 PM, landser said:

Great shots Bozowans, thanks for posting. I rarely watch the action from such an intimate point of view. These shots look great, especially cropped and even the flowers, which I never even notice when I am commanding from 130 feet up. That last shot, showing the skirmish line, wounded being attended to, casualties,  more men running past and the tank as well is a fantastic image.

So I tend to spend far, far too much time down at eye level. It takes me forever to play each scenario because I'm constantly rewinding the turns and watching them from different units' points of view. I take way too many screenshots as well. I play plenty of other games but for some reason I take far more screenshots of CM than any other game I've ever played. Something about the WEGO system and camera zoom means I can spend ages trying to frame different compositions for screenshots. So I'm glad you like them! :)

I took a million screenshots of the last scenario I played from the Blunting the Spear campaign so I thought I'd post one of the parts I thought was cool, with the runaway T-34 that almost broke right through my lines. So there might be some spoilers here for anyone who hasn't played this campaign.

At the beginning of the scenario, I massed all of my tanks on my right flank, and I put my two companies of infantry in a long line across the map in two waves. The first wave was made entirely of two-man scout teams that I sent forward in a widely dispersed skirmish line. I wanted the scouts to just run forward, find the enemy, infiltrate their lines, and then if possible, rejoin the second wave later for the main assault.

I was supposed to be attacking, so I had no idea that a platoon of T-34s were about to come charging straight toward me right at the beginning of the scenario through a smoke screen. My own tanks were all on the right, and the T-34s were charging straight at my left, right toward the masses of trucks and support units I had parked in the rear:



Here you can see an overview. You can see my wave of scouts out front and everything else massed farther behind.



The T-34s came over a hill, firing a couple of times at my trucks in the rear, but missed. They had to cross a wide open field to get into my lines. My own tanks were out of position to respond effectively, but for a couple hundred meters the T-34s would still be exposed to a few of my Panthers on the right. Two of the T-34s were destroyed, and one of the Panthers was knocked out by a partial penetration that killed the driver.

Miraculously, the third T-34 managed to get all the way across the field in a suicide charge at top speed, running a gauntlet of Panther fire the whole way. Five Panther shots were directed at it, and all missed. The T-34 managed to get out of view of the Panthers and got mixed in with my line of scouts. It stopped to blow up a scout team nearby:



Luckily, it stopped right next to another scout team and it was immediately hit by grenades:



Seconds later, an AA half-track stationed in the rear opened up on the tank. Most of the shots were ricochets and it didn't seem to have much effect. The T-34 was immobilized after a little while, but I couldn't tell if it was from grenades or AA fire hitting the wheels and tracks.



At this point I was panicking. The T-34 had a perfect view of a lot of extremely vulnerable units in the rear, and it would have taken several minutes for my own tanks to respond. Trucks, half-tracks and Kubelwagens were frantically driving every which way to escape. HQ teams and mortar crews were running for cover.  If the T-34 had kept going just a little farther, it could have caused a lot of damage. I sent Panzerschreck troops running ahead to stop it at all costs as AA fire tore through the air:



A rocket is fired at almost the far limit of the Panzerschreck's effective range, at about 185 meters.



A hit! Right as the T-34's turret was turning toward the AA half-track, the rocket slammed into the far rear end of the turret. If it was just a few inches to the left, it would have missed, and the AA gun would have been toast, along with who knows what else.



The driver jumped out of his hatch as more AA fire ripped into the tank. The rest of the crew were cooked inside, as no one else emerged.



Confronted by the pissed off tank driver, the cowardly scout turned tail and ran. The driver popped off a few pistol shots at the scout's backside and then comically started chasing after him through the field:




The tank driver chased after the guy for quite some distance. A few bursts of machine gun fire from nearby infantry missed the driver by inches. Undeterred, the driver kept up the chase.



Eventually, the scout's partner woke up from his stupor and joined the chase, ending it quickly with a single shot from his G43.



Quiet once again broke out across the battlefield, and the German advance continued. A lot more death and destruction would take place before the day was finally over.


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Wee vignette from Poland summer 1944. two German soldiers flee out of the front door of a small house as Soviet infantry pile in the back door. The two fleeing Landsers run into the path of a T-34. One of them cooly takes a knee, aims his panzerfaust and KOs the tank.


View from the hapless T-34s POV.

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7 minutes ago, AlexUK said:

That is going to hurt! 

Here's how the next few seconds played out:

The Tiger edges forward to clear the shellhole and lets off an angry burst of MG fire as it noses up. The AT crew holds steady and aims at the Tiger.

Just then, a random mortar round lands beside the ATG and kills everyone except the gunner.

As debris flies all around and and his comrades' lifeless bodies hit the ground, the gunner puts a round right into the Tiger's face.

Alas, it only knocks off a whisker or two and the gunner decides to boogie. As he ditches the gun and heads for cover, the turn ends.

Kitty done had his prey stolen. The crew was mine. They earned their pay earlier tearing up Germans crossing the street. One shot of HE took out five guys.

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17 minutes ago, Macisle said:

Thanks! Here's one more:

The last man -  just before his last breath.


So he’s ignoring the wee enemy tank behind him to shoot his (wisely) fleeing comrades in the back? Guess he’s  gonna get what he deserves! 

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27 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

So he’s ignoring the wee enemy tank behind him to shoot his (wisely) fleeing comrades in the back? Guess he’s  gonna get what he deserves! 

He's bravely shooting at enemy infantry while the remnants of the squad displace - having lost fire superiority. I think his officer just forgot to tell him to bug out. That would be me! 🤪

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