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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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24 minutes ago, Macisle said:

I just did a quick scan and saw some of the the great work he did with flavor objects. CMRT seems to be a little on the sparse side FO-wise. I'm debating how far I can/should go with those (how much do they impact frame rates I wonder?).

You can have up to 162 types in total I believe, this thread may be instructive:


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An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come und

The tank riding, no prisoner taking, one eyed, Forward Observer.    

Operation Bagration in full effect

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9 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

You can have up to 162 types in total I believe, this thread may be instructive:


Thanks for the link!

Yeah, I'd love to do some custom FO stuff. Time-wise though, my first priority is at least a few custom wall textures. Mods like Kieme's add a lot, but overall don't go exactly where I want to go (which is to be walking around a 1940's Soviet city 😁). I want to add some of my own (when you see a stock wall texture in my screenies, that's actually a placeholder). That will be at the end and after the CMRT module comes out, so I can use any relevant new textures, along with whatever I can pull and blend from all my current CM titles. I'm not going to get too crazy with it, though. Just no time.

I've half a mind to open up the project to people who want to add things. I really need to wrap this baby up and move on to other things on the bucket list. So many promises to the wife to keep...


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1 hour ago, Trooper117 said:

It doesn't matter... Comrade Stalin has many more!

It's a good thing, 'cause the first team in got a face full of StG44.

So, I sent an FT team to the opening and sprayed in. Just as they were enjoying the screams letting them know they were on target, an MG42 at 90 degrees from the church across the street dropped the FT assistant and sent the tank man man crawling around the corner to safety.

I didn't realize the church had LOS to my FT team. I've been hitting that MG's position with HE, MG and small arms fire for awhile now. Must be another crack team. It's a very beefy chuch, too.

The good news is that a different team made it in from the side. However,  there are multiple areas between where they are and the ambusher's location. I've no idea how many hidden defending teams are left in there. Time to think of the next play to run.

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Excerpt from an ongoing PBEM match and a short demonstration on the value of C2 and spotting. (Note, I am playing as Soviets, Guards)

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, a Stug patiently waits for prey.


T 34/85 is tasked and prepared for the destruction of the Stug, previously spotted and reported by infantry.


Note, the target armor arc does not correspond to the Stug's location exactly, in an attempt to center the barrel on target upon arrival, to reduce the time needed to set up the shot.


The Stug rotates to face the general direction of my tank platoon. (Sniper took a shot at the commander, missed)


The T 34/85 advances rapidly and as it moves, the target armor arc centers.



The T 34/85 arrives at it's destination and in less than 10 seconds spots the Stug. If he didn't have the spot in his C2, he would have been scraped with no clue what was happening around him. I suspect that the speed of the spot is affected by C2 and quality and number of vision slots on the tank.


The gunner fire, but so does the Stug!



The Stug is completely destroyed. In T 34/85 driver-mechanic and his assistant are KIA/WIA, the tank is knocked out.

The Stug spotted first in this duel, having the benefit of being stationary and opened up, but having no turret cost its existence.

In my opinion, the decision to rush my tank forward in an attempt to destroy was the right one. The only bad choice was having my tank closed. The fear of having my tank commander sniped by an mg was baseless, as mg gunners were preoccupied with other things. Still, 1 for 1 trade costs him more than me, as I am attacking.

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PBEM match continued: The hunt for Tiger II!

The Tiger II sits and observes the fields, it's commander amused and slightly worried by the fact that he was engaged six times by AP shells, every shell bounced off from the armor.


Efreitors Polivanov and Dyatlov (circled) decide to engage the enemy tank commander.



The commander is grazed, he panics, the turret is rotated to confront the shooters, the driver starts reversing, smoke is popped.




The Tiger II reverses straight into the sights of Captain Astakhov. So that is the beast that Sergeant Saprygin reported and engaged six times without success!


The crew works as one and sends a bolvanka as a greeting to the enemy tank.



The engine dies, the crew pops smoke.



Captain Astakhov and his crew finish the job.



The Tiger II is destroyed, no survivors.


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18 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Yeah, it's easy to think that a few rounds will do the job.  In scenario after scenario have often regretted not giving the area fire 1-2+ minutes to ensure desired result.

Definitely. My SOP is to put 1:15 of targeting to make sure I have a continue fire option next turn if smoke is blocking new targeting. T-34/76s make such ammo expenditure an easy call.

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After an extended barrage of Soviet medium howitzers lifts, squad leader Ranbo von Assenkicken notices that his Panther's infantry screen appears to be down to him, his MP40, and a newly-acquired panzerschreck. No matter, he'll stand his ground. Do or die! He opens up at the first red to sniff around the barrage zone. But who is he firing at?



Why, it's none other than our favorite Point Man from a few posts back!



Ranbo decides the small arms duel isn't cutting it and he goes for his 'schreck. BOOM!



That'll teach...oh, wait..it looks like Point Man is ready to do a little Assenkicken of his own!


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Meanwhile, another German unit defending the inner perimeter of the current macro block opens up on Pointy's building and the small Soviet-held factory beside it.




This rattles the "Alley Cats" who are at the northern end of Pointy's building. They exit out the back and head toward the friendly factory.




However, they don't go in. The Alleys are practitioners of the "Scout by Rout" school of infantry tactics. There's an alley down on the left. And the Cats just can't resist a good Alley.




On the plus side, the based LMG gunner on the east side of the factory proves himself a rising star by dropping two of the perimeter Germans in quick succession.




Not bad for a regular Joe!




As he does this, the lead Cat (Alley motto: "Run fast, die young") passes one of his dead comrades from their last jog around the block. The smoking tank beside him tried to dislodge the Panther's infantry screen before the barrage, but when they let up on the HE a little too early, the former owner of Ranbo's panzershreck didn't waste a second in giving the tank crew its final exam in thermodynamics. They all failed.




So, the Cats jaunt down the alley, take a right and...why...look where the Orange has Clockworked us! We're back at the peak moment of the high noon duel between Pointy and Ranbo!




Now, someone like Pointy or Based LMG Guy might hesitate when stumbling onto a live Panther. Men like that might, say, stop and chuck a few grenades at the rear of the beast. But not the Alley Cats! Are you kidding?! Not when an unexplored road into enemy territory is right there only a hop, skip and jump in front of the Panther's MGs and canon.



To be continued...

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