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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come und

The tank riding, no prisoner taking, one eyed, Forward Observer.    

Operation Bagration in full effect

Posted Images

The opening firefight has been won and the battlefield has gone quiet. A four-man point team has crossed the bridge safely and is about to enter the closest building.



Stepping over casualties from the firefight, they suddenly spot enemy survivors.



The extra moment it takes for the Germans to spot them gives the scouts the edge and they dispatch the enemy soldiers after a brief exchange of fire.



Things go quiet again and the platoon leader decides to push a squad across the bridge, with his command team in the tail. It is a mistake. As soon as the larger group of men advances onto the bridge, small arms fire erupts from locations that had held fire to let the small team pass.






Three men are cut down, including the HQ team leader. Thankfully, the actual platoon leader is able to crawl to safety.



Tank and MG overwatch go to work on the new threats.



The SMG trooper is cut down by machine guns from across the river, but the rifleman survives the tank fire and displaces.



He is not alone!



It will be a long, bloody fight. Street to street...

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2 minutes ago, danfrodo said:

Thanks for the pics, Macisle, very nice.  Is this a single player scenario?  if so, which one?

Thanks for the thanks and compliment. I'm testing out a slice of the large urban map I'm making as a QB map with AI Germans, force unknown.

I've noticed some pretty significant improvement in the SP QB experience post-patch. Although the AI can still be hit or miss with its setup choices, it is working pretty well with my map slices in QB format. Sometimes, it really makes good use of the terrain for ambush (those guys really did let my first team pass before firing on the larger group). The fallback behaviors generally work quite well in my map environment because there is so much cover around (area in the pics is one of the less dense areas).

It's going to be a long while before the project is finished, but I plan to include QB slices with AI plans.

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31 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

@Macisle  Still itching to get my paws on a copy of your map!  B)

I'm back at it from another very long break. Still a long way to go, but I've made a ton of progress since the last update I posted in the project thread. In fact, I just tried to post a pic, but Flickr appears to have tied itself in knots and I can't access my account, despite having used it yesterday. Grrr. Oh well. Maybe it's a sign I should keep my secrets safe for now (okay can't resist - edited to attach pic).

Happy to say that the current Engine and map seem to like each other a lot. The dense terrain really pairs up well with the evolving TacAI displacement behaviors. Sure, you get the occasionall suide rout, but more often, the bulk of a team makes it out of harms way. In fact, if the player is smart with his team splits and moves, it's not too uncommon to have whole teams bump up against the enemy and back out without losses.

And, the patches have made SP-ready QB map slices much less time consuming because the AI is using buildings now with general area painting, rather than having to isolate the tiles inside buildings like before.


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28 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Outstanding!  B)

PS - Please convert it to CM:BS.....Map Convertor won't work for me.  :(

Once the CMRT version is finished, I'll take a look at converting it. It's gonna' be tough going without those T-34/76 HE loadouts, though!

The dynamic of 1944+ German defender vs Soviet attacker with T-34/76 as AFV support base is perfect for this map. The Soviets really have to use combined arms to get anywhere, but have a natural "range" limit with their small arms ammo usage pattern. That really helps for transitions from one wave to the next in extended play times. Germans on the other hand, can put up a great fight defensively (gonna' be really hard to keep those tanks alive, Soviets!), but wouldn't work as well as attacker for the extended play times I want due to low German AFV ammo loadouts.

However, smaller slices are fine for the Germans to be attacker. In fact, I've had some big fun setting up Stalingrad era loadouts (Sicher with MG34s) and clearing out Soviet fanatics from factory areas. Yup, DCs, FTs, and HEAVY artillery are very much in their environment here.

Having said that, I look very forward to seeing how you and others get along with modern kit on this baby. No matter where you go, you're generally only a tile or two away from the next ambush spot. 🙂

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Its mates did better. They managed to move into a great wee hull down position and ambushed several JS-IIs moving in the open - range was around 1800m.



Ding dong exchange of fire - one hit.


After several exchanges several JS-IIs are out of action but my Panthers took hits. Immobilising one and KOing the other (all the crew made it out though).

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Then two Panthers from another patrol snuck up on the surviving JS-IIs and engaged one from the rear.


Got him! You can see the hit. The smoke in the centre rear is one of the other Panthers from the earlier ambush. 


I was sweating this exchange though. The first shot hit the rear of the JS-II but failed to penetrate. Then it started turning around. Second shot hit the RHS of the turret and again failed to penetrate. Third time lucky - shot went into the hull and KO'd it.

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8 hours ago, Frenchy56 said:

What the heck's going on with that Russki's uniform there? Is it some kind of disease related to peas?

 IIRC, that's a uniform mod by Ben Park. Kind of a grab bag of Soviet uniforms from the war. Wouldn't normally be mixed so much across the soldiers like in the mod, but I quite like it.

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