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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come und

The tank riding, no prisoner taking, one eyed, Forward Observer.    

Street fight.

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  Are these screen shots from battles that are playable with the Mod?  I checked at the Scenario Depot but didn't see them.


You can get kevinkin scenarios here: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/121596-new-scenarios/

and for mod download links look here:  http://community.battlefront.com/topic/121301-cmrt-winter-mod-thinktank/

But basically you can open any scenario in scenario editor, tag it with [snow], save it with new name and have little fun for holidays :) .


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There was at least one other Facist cowering behind the one who was trying to surrender.  This one now has his hands up too, having seen his comrade incinerated.

Fedoseev shoulders his flamethrower and draws down on the enemy with his handgun.  His partner, eyes wide, whispers to him, "Fedoseev, that was cold..."

Fedoseev shrugs his shoulders.  Kill or be killed.  He figures this one was hiding behind the surrendering comrade and trying to get a bead on him.  If he hadn't torched the trench line, then his partner or he might have been shot.  Better not to think these things through, he tells himself.  One less beast to kill.

The battle is just beginning...



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The Russians have overwhelmed the trench system.  Schreiner and his partner have been running down the trench as fast as they can, having heard the desperate warnings that a Russian tank has broken through.  Schreiner knows his friend Rolf is on this side of the trenches.  Rolf was leading a panzerschreck team to protect this flank.  Schreiner knows something bad has happened to his friend if enemy panzers are rolling up their left flank.

Schreiner comes barreling around the bend of the trench and sees his worst nightmare.  A Soviet T-34 has rolled up their flank.  He only has time for a snap shot, which, with this damn stovepipe he has been lugging around, is almost certainly a miss the first time.  Schreiner drops to a knee and lines up his shot.  He remembers to breathe slowly so as not to make the tube rise and fall too much, and he pulls the trigger as the sights line up on the enemy tank...


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Schreiner knows that if he doesn't get a hit, the large backblast of smoke will give his position away.  He'll be dead.  The shot is away.  He hopes the angels are riding on his shoulder...


...TREFFER!!!  It is a hit.  He stares in amazement for a moment, mesmerized as time stands still.  Is it a kill shot?  He tears himself away from the sight and goes through the motions of reloading.

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