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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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Funny thing... just last night I was testing out a scenario and a bunch of Panthers got holed by IS-2s. As I am playing RealTime, and am also distracted paying attention to what both sides are doing (Scenario Author Mode), I didn't know who nailed the Panthers. Since this has some bearing on changes I might make to the AI Scripts, I checked out the hit decals. While doing so I thought "damn, this is actually quite useful" :)

As someone else said, all new features have a novelty factor. If they are useful then people will take them for granted. From a gameplay standpoint, that's a good thing.


Far from a novelty in my eyes. You guys are on the right track here. Hopefully you can get something similar to the TOW series. The hit decal states ammo type used, whether it is a penetration or ricochet, and the angle. Very fun and interesting to see what nailed your armor.



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I am going to get CMRT, but my first love s the West... looking forwards to engine upgrades there ;). What would the hit decal look like for a real gun?;) 14" direct hit anyone.

Although thinking about it, I suspect we might not get that one. Less of an add on graphic to the basic model, and more of replacing the model with a few new doodads!


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I'm trying to think of stuff that hasn't shown up in previews yet. Nobody's see Tokarev SVT-40! The Soviet Garand - if Garand were prone to malfunctioning ;)

Something I noticed with the SVT and Mosin is that the front sight is one solid block instead of separating the globe and front sight post into separate objects. Was that by design?

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That's odd cos I've got a red star when I minimise the game.

I had a similar problem. Its not the game, its the OS. Your computer is grabbing the wrong cached image from storage for the icon or can't locate the icon at all. Happens to me on a regular basis.

All I can say is that that I did not install to default location and never had issues with this comp and task bar icons.

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FYI, I am investigating the ford behavior in your screenshot. I'm not completely sure it's a bug; it may just be a pathing quirk where the unit is on the very edge of the ford action spot where the water is a little deeper. But I'll dig around to make sure nothing his happening here that shouldn't be.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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