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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come und

The tank riding, no prisoner taking, one eyed, Forward Observer.    

Getting ready for 'Fire & Rubble'...  

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Ur, well... There are problems with the wheels still, like them not looking like train wheels or fitting on the tracks. But whatever. Small problem in an impressive work.


Picky, picky, picky. They are derailed. That is why they weren't pulled out before the fighting started. Sheesh do I have to explain everything?

Friggin awesome work Juju and Umlaut.

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not looking like train wheels or fitting on the tracks.

Nothing I can do about that, I´m afraid:

We modders can only change the texture (ie surface) of the vehicle, not the shape. But actually Juju has improved the look af the wheels quite a bit in his mod pack.

The alignment of the wheels and tracks can´t be better, trust me. When the mods are released you´re very welcome to go into the editor and try. If you can get them closer I´ll grant you the title of Surpreme Invincible Train Wheel Aligner for your sigline.

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