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The Thing At The Keyboard

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Dear BTS,

In recent days my condition has worsened. I am no more the productive worker that I once was. I no longer have a life. And now I have a split-personality. Currently, I am my old self. But my new self -- the disturbing one -- well, he steals 2 hours from me every day poring through this bulletin board or those evil after action reports.

It is with a mind-numbing fear that I await the actual release of your game. For I know that this is when he will strike and try to turn what is now two hours into an endless 24. I will cease then to exist. My job, my family, my life -- all sacrificed to his awful passions and desires!

So I beseech you, BTS: please do not release this game. Please -- arrgh! He is near -- I hear him! Heed my warning ... arrrgghhh!!! ...

Ahem. Please ignore the nonsense which I penned above. I've been suffering from a nervous condition lately which causes me to experience brief moments of irrationality. So, BTS, I urge you to continue with Combat Mission. I look forward to it very much and wish you the best of luck with it.

Now please excuse me while I attend to some urgent matters.


P.S. With apologies to H.P. Lovecraft smile.gif

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Guest Big Time Software

I like Marko 'cause he is funny smile.gif

Yeah, this BBS has been a real time sink lately. I just wish those guys would hurry up and off each other so we can get back to a normal pace around here. About 1 months' worth of posts have gone up in just 5 days...


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It's a magazine article in Nature Photographer entitled Back to School. I wrote about using a University's Biological Reserve for photography. If you are not familiar with the reserves; they are a piece of land maintained for biological research and education purposes, the public can get in if they pay a small fee (the one I went to was $5/year), and fill out a form promising that what you plan to do in there is compatible with the purpose of the reserve. The reserve I used was the University of North Carolina's Mason Farm.

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Kudos Rick. smile.gif

Hey BTS, I had some marketing questions for you:

1) Can you tell us how many pre-orders you have had so far or is that confidential?

2) How much have the hits to your site increased since Fionn & Martin's battle reports started being published? I know I'm checking the board 5 or 6 times a day versus once a day before.

3) The response to these reports have been tremendous, IMHO. I'm sure the "bean counter" side of BTS has to be pleased. Did you expect all this excitement?

Tell the bosses that I think whoever thought of this deserves a raise. smile.gif

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