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Some fun while waiting

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Does anyone know if this has 1 : 1 pony representation?or does 1 pony equal a pod?

No, not yet. That is for the upcoming versions.

Right now your group of ponies (no matter how large the group) will be represented by a group of 3 pixel ponies, featuring somewhat boxy renderings.

This trio of pixel ponies will move smartly, and in a nicely coordinated ballet.

Common movement modes are: "Prance forward", "Wheel left", "Wheel right", "Run away", or my personal favorite, "All fall down".

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I do believe one of the testers has already converted hit decals to Hello Kitty decals. :P

On a related topic, I stumbled on some frankly disturbing anime. Schoolgirls engging in tank battles.



Hehe, I actually watched two episodes of this, its called "Girls Und Panzer", my friend was like "You have to watch this dude haha".

School girls from different colleges battle eachother in World War 2 era tanks, each school represents a country and frankly the stereotypes they use are freaking hilarious. The British school sit in their churchills sipping tea, the Americans are cocky and numerous,the Russians are vodka drinking katyusha singing psychos and the Germans are the completely serious tank aces with all the big kittys. It was honestly pretty entertaining when you go into watching it knowing exactly what it is and for a good laugh. One character in there that is particularly good (And hilarious) is one girl who represents Rommel and spouts off historical quotes and relates there battles/situations to history.


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Can't miss out on the anime Hetalia World Series either. That show is all about countries and stereotypes... as in extremely done. It's on Netflix for those that have it. Very short five minute episodes. Basically characters are the countries. It tends to grown on you imo.

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