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Disappearing mortar shells

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I was foolish enough to get one of my Brit 3" mortar teams geeked wholesale with rounds left. Silly me. But the other section from their Coy survived and when the coast was clear went across to Buddy Aid them (and pinch that Phat Lewt). When they first arrived, the weapon info pane said the mortar had 27 rounds available (the 10 of the live team, listed in their ammo pane, plus the 17 the dead team had left). After a bit of Buddy Aid, the total available had gone back down to 10. Just the 10 the team had before they rendered Buddy Aid.

I seem to remember this being a bug before and being listed as fixed... What's likely going on here? If it's a recurring thing, I've got saves. I also have saves of a stuck 2" mortarman running in little triangles trying to get out of the AS he's in...

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