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What the scout car missed...

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Yeah, the spotting model doesn't produce a realistic result here. Maybe in the first step of the spotting model for efficiency reasons the infantry section is only represented by a point that is missed because it is outside the viewing angle of the car at the moment of the spotting calculation. But here the infantry unit so close in reality is an extended entity that should be impossible to miss if every soldier was taken into effect. But that probably only happens when the first calculation with only the point produces a spot.

In this video also shows the following:

When you spot a few soldiers of an enemy section, the icon of the unit is often not above the spotted soldiers, but apparently above the centre of the whole group, so this gives you some additional information about where their buddies are.

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Maybe this has something to do with the recent change making vehicles take longer to spot infantry close to them? Not the intended result, doubtless. I've also seen a Puma fail to spot a jeep that was about three meters in front of it on a road.

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