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Politics Discussion and Black Sea

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Given the current events and the setting of our next Modern Warfare game, we realize that it is impossible to completely disentangle the game and politics on this forum. We also realize that discussing politics on internet forums usually leads to heated discussion (to put it mildly). So here is where we stand on the issue.

Discussing geopolitics as relevant to our upcoming game is fine. Arguing over which side is dirtier or which poster is the bigger misguided fool is not.

Examples of OK discussions:

- Potential strategic/operational/political actions each nation could take.

- Motivations of each nation/party in this event.

- How geopolitical circumstances and events should influence the game.

- Speculating on future events as relevant to the game.

Examples of unacceptable discussions:

- Insulting other posters for their beliefs; or insulting posters at all, ever!

- Making the discussion personal. This forum is for discussing the game, not other posters. Attack the argument, not the arguer

- Turning the discussion into a "USA sucks" or "Russia sucks" flame war.

- Arguing over which nation or party is dirtier, more evil, more corrupt, etc.

We need to keep this forum a civil place for calm discussion that is relevant to our game, so please keep that in mind when you post here.

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