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Uhoh, Mac freeze


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Been playing fine for a week or so. Today, just after I clicked "Go" to initiatethe movement phase, CM locked up hard, forcing a three-finger reboot.

Every time I try to reload the Autosave file from that game, CM locks up on the splash screen and takes my machine with it. DLed a new copy of CM, same thing with that Autosave, although I can play new games just fine.

Anybody want to take that Autosave off my hands so they can run a MacsBug on it? Or should I run MacsBug and send a report?


Laurie Nyveen a.k.a. Webs, member of the WarBirds training staff


Editor, Netsurfer Digest - http://www.netsurf.com/nsd/index.html

101 Sqn opus-in-progress - http://101.warbirds.org/

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