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What to get?

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I'm thinking in getting Strategic Command WW2 + Gold Expansion, but two more expansions are a bit confusing, as I can't see any big difference, can someone tell me what are exactly Assault on Democracy/Communism and why I should get any of those?

I want a game that let me play the war in all theatres, but that's already included in base + gold right? Why should expend more?

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Hi Stratos

I think the question is really what scenarios interest you the most, and also whether you like the original global map size, or feel like you'd rather play on the larger map contained in the Assault on Democracy expansion.

Assault on Democracy does currently have a Tournament and Ladder in progress, so if you take to it and fancy some multiplayer games then opponents for that should be pretty easy to obtain.

The Assault on Communism expansion has good kudos and is fun to play, with the focus of course on the eastern front conflicts.

And if you're finding it very hard to decide, why not try out some of the Demos to see what you like the most:



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Stratos, you can't do anything wrong with the Strategic Command WW2 + Gold Expansion combo.

AoC is a single theater expansion, featuring the russo-german war (Operation Barbarossa 1941- 1945).

AoD offers the largest Global map yet, and the most advanced game engine.

My personal favorite is SC WW1, followed by SC Global Conflict with the Gold Expansion. AoD is for my personal taste allready to large, while AoC is to dry.

But i tell you what: don't trust my personal taste, when you can check out the demos. Take a look and decide on your own!


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