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Modern Russian Army?

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I am completely at a loss here. I've been following the escalating situation in Ukraine since its inception (partly due to to CMBS on the horizon:D), and I have taken an interest in the Russian Army. Problem is, I can't find any information about anything groggy! I mean, I know they use AKs and T-90s, but I am not finding any sort of information that would be useful for wargames. If anyone has any recommended reading material or research sources (lookin' at you, John Kettler ;)), please share. Stuff I'm looking for includes squad size/makeup, low-level tactics, doctrine, etc. Thanks in advance!

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I do believe that these are quite up to date and informative, and based on the unreleased 1990 version of the Soviet Tactics Manual published by the US military.



Small unit tactics and operational art have not really changed in the Russian military since the 1990s. Although they have substantially improved small unit tactics training and the autonomy and mobility of the basic infantry section through experience in the two Chechen wars.

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