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Uploaded a New Mission for T-72 BOF to the Repository

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This is another take on the Meeting Engagement mission for the T-72B tank. In this mission you have air support from 4 Mi-8 helicopters and fire support from 152mm howitzer artillery. This will be available for download as soon as the Battlefront administrators post this mission to the Repository.

The cache file is: Meeting Engagementv7.ca

The script file is: Meetingv7.pd

In this mission you and the forces you are supporting are tasked with gaining control of a small enemy military outpost and the local area surrounding the facility. The facility is another enemy early warning radar outpost that has been very successful in detecting allied air operations in the region. Command wants the facility captured, and the enemy mechanized forces in the area destroyed.

Allied forces consist of the following: Your T-72B tank, a maneuver element of 3 T-72 tanks, a flight of 4 Mi-8 helicopters for air support, and an additional Mi-8 helicopter with an infantry squad.

Enemy forces consist of 2 T-72 tanks, 4 Shturm-S cavalry fighting vehicles, 2 Leopard 1A4 tanks, and an RPG heavy infantry squad.

Intell reports that the enemy mechanized forces are currently on patrol to the north of the radar outpost. They have not recently seen the location of the RPG infantry squad, but maintain that those troops are present in the area.

Your task is to engage and destroy the enemy mechanized forces. A flight of 4 Mi-8 helicopters and a maneuver element of 3 T-72's will also be independently supporting this effort. Use hull down positions as much as possible to ensure your crew's survival and success. Once the enemy armored cavalry team of 2 T-72's and 2 Shturm S's is destroyed, the 5th allied Mi-8 helicopter will take off with the infantry squad, and drop the squad off nearby the radar outpost. The infantry squad will take up defensive positions among the facility's buildings. Once the drop off is complete, the 5th helicopter will join the rest in flying over the battlefield to search and destroy any enemy forces. During these efforts allied command has committed a 152mm howitzer battery to provide a continuous fire for effect to the north of the radar facility where we anticipate the bulk of the enemy mechanized forces to maneuver through.

I recommend that you update your player's tank armor value to 2 in configuration mode (cfgmode.ca). Doing so gives the player's tank a realistic armor protection associated with a T-72B tank making it more survivable. During the production of this mission update, I had the enemy experience level set pretty high which resulted in a lot of frustration for me during game play. I have dropped the experience level of the enemy forces and enemy AI commanders somewhat from 80% down to 60% which seemed to improve the game play experience. Enjoy!

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