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TRP - Concept Q


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G'Day All,

I have a question about TRP's to do mainly the concept behind them (I know how to buy and place them). The manual states that they are (in effect) pre-registered target points, and that no friendly unit has to have a LOS to them for firing units to have effective fire at the TRP. What I'm unsure of is how a TRP would be designated in real life if no unit has an LOS to it. For example, if you have a TRP in the centre of a town that you don't occupy or have an LOS to (and if you do occupy the TRP and call in the strike anyway, well... :o), how would that TRP be established? They didn't have GPS back then so it's not that. Does a commander (of some type) simply designate a Lat/Long from a topo map they have (which I suspect is the case)?

Thanks very much.


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It's a bit of a mix, as you might expect from the multipurpose "abstraction" that is a TRP. The preregistered point might have been sighted in from an elevation off the map, or from an aerial observer. It might have been sighted in when the lines were in a different place. It could just be map fire, though AIUI, even the best maps and tightest surveys really needed walking in for proper accuracy.

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Thank you gentlemen. This helps a bunch and clears things up quite a bit and makes a lot of sense. Agreed "sburke", and I guess this is what they refer to in the manual as making use of TRP's for ambushes as well. And yeah, mortars are known for messing up one's day for sure (not to mention their underwear :D).

Thanks again people - really appreciate the help. Makes using these in QB's much easier.

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