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Downloaded this game + breakthrough last night. Wow . . . just wow. This is fantastic, what a great program! I'm doing Verdu and Meuse-Argonne as learning experiences and can't wait to be comfortable playing the whole war. Thanks for making and selling this product.

Curious, if there are more campaigns coming? I see the 1870 AAR and was wondering about its status. It's still in testing, but it's going to be released, right?

FWIW here are some ideas (that everyone's probably thought of already) for more:

Seige of the Legations in Peking, 1900

Boer War (seems like a logical extension of Lettow-Vorbeck's campaign)


Russo-Japanese War (Seige of Port Arthur, Sandepu, Mukden)

Crimean War (Inkerman, Alma, Sevastopol)

That would be fantastic! Of course, doing an 1870 mod raises some tantalizing possibilities about campaigns in an earlier mid-19th century war in North America.

Please tell me you're all way ahead of me on this! Thanks again for the great game.

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Hi Stevens44

Glad you're enjoying it! :)

We are a little ahead of you, in the sense that if you download the latest Breakthrough patch, then you'll get both the 1939 Storm over Europe campaign, and also the 1870 Franco-Prussian War campaign.

You can find it here:


The others would be great, and if anyone is up for modding any of them then I would love to see them too.


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