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First let me beg forgiveness if I'm missing something simple here. I'm currently playing the Boy's Against Men scenario of MG as the Germans. Well here's the thing: I can not establish a comm link from the 4th platoon HQ, either to it's squads or up the chain to 2nd Ko. Distance has no effect as I have put the platoon HQ on top of the squads and put 2nd Ko on top of 4 platoon.

As this the start of the scenario no casualties have yet been taken. Just wondering if this is accidental or purposeful.

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I haven't played that one yet, but in the 3rd mission of the German campaign, where you've got KM trying to breach the paras LZ perimeter, there's a 4th rifle platoon that isn't part of the company TO. When you double-click the Coy HQ, the 4th platoon doesn't highlight. I think it's a bit of a fudge in the editor to give the KM company enough bodies to have a vanishing chance against the snake-eaters they're trying to shift. Perhaps something similar has happened in the Boys Against Men scenario?

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