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Winter event ?

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So I've read the winter event doesn't effect the Finns, yet in my first January 1942 turn a Division in Helsinki takes four and others near Leningrad get clobbered as well.

I'm playing Barbarossa vs. Russian AI. V 1.03.

I'm a novice at this, but I took a look at the event scripts- strength. Looks like the problem may be in the Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary winter event #2. The first couple of map position lines don't have the aligned country ID #'s entered.

If I am totally off base here let me know.

One other thing, the #1 winter events didn't fire until 12/30/1941. Could this be because the season flag is set for Winter and the date is set for 12/15 which is still Fall.

Anyway take a look.

I play a slow game and it takes a long time for me to get this far.

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I found the errors which are exactly what you said. Thanks. B2B was correct. Somehow I messed up Barb41.

Also I changed the season flag to all seasons to prevent future errors since these events only fire once.

Unless these have changed....


late winter (March 1 to March 20) spring

late spring (May 1 to June 20) summer

early fall (September 21 to October 14) fall

late fall (December 1 to December 20) winter

With the season = 0 if there are any problems there shouldn't be anymore. The winter effects are based on accurate historical data as to when it kicked the Axis in the teeth. This happened about mid December historically. 1st day of official winter is 12/21.

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