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Hi there,

another point i noticed playing the ostaufmarsch (maybe, this applies in other scenarios too). The AI makes some serious mistakes which shouldn't happen:

The most important two:

- The french AI places new purchased artillery directly ahead of my infanterie corpses: We had a frontline between the swiss border and the area of luxemburg with one tile space between the lines. In this no man land the ai places in 1915 and 1916 at least three (maybe even four) guns so that i could destroy them easily with no losses. Result: No serious offensive by the french because of the lack of artillery.:(

Even the russian Ai places new guns often in the spotting range of german corpses in situation, in which it should "know", that there are german units...

- Trenches are often placed in the "wrong" direction. I know you can often discuss, which is the best direction for trenches, but in some cases the AI handles ridiculous:

For example italy: I made an austrian offensive through the area of parma. behind parma the italians build a new front around bologna. The trenches had the direction south-west/south/south-east while my troops came mainly from the east and north east... Maybe the direction was choosed because of the rivers which covered the italian from my attacks but the choosed direction makes absoultely no sense. I could never be able to sneak through the lines...

Even russian trenches and sometimes trenches on the western front are not adjusted ideally.

I must admit i have no idea, what it means to programm a complex AI (and mostly the AI does very well!), but maybe these two mistakes could be corrected with little effort?

Just: "Never put a new purchased artillery adjacent to enemy units"

And if the trenches are difficult then maybe better give each nation a favored direction for trenches. For example for italy is north-east/east/south-east almost always right...


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