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Moving to a new computer without unlicense first

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I bought CMSF Base+Marine download version last june, it works fine on my old laptop+windows 8 system.

2 days ago I decide to change to another laptop. Without uninstall or unlicense the game first, I unplung the hard driver from my old laptop and connected to the new one (win 7 system).

Then I run the CM, at first it requires me to input the license code, everything looks good. but when I enter the game, "CM Shock force.exe has stopped working" poped out. I did uninstalled-install-input lincense code process several time, it still doesn't work.

My friend who has some knowledge on e-license told me it might be a license issue.

Looking for some help here


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There could be a couple of issues here. One could be your security software and/or the need to make changes to your DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings within Windows and the other could be which video chip you have in the new laptop.

For the security software you may need to make exceptions for the game executables and the 'Runservice.exe' file (which is the eLicense service) within your security software.

For DEP, you will want to follow the instructions in this Helpdesk article covering DEP. This article will also list the file names that you may need to add as exceptions to your security software.

The other major possibility is that the video chip in your current laptop is incompatible with CMSF. If your laptop ONLY has the Intel integrated video, then there is a good chance that the game will NOT work on that laptop. If your laptop has BOTH the Intel integrated video and either a Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon video chip, then you may be able to make some changes to your control panel settings for the video chip to get the game to run on the GeForce or Radeon rather than the Intel.

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