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I am frustrated!

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I have beaten the game on intermediate difficulty with no AI experience boost! It was too easy a cake walk as allies. So i ramped up the diffciulty by giving the AI +0.5 experience boost now I just cant win! Here is my problem

How do i as the allies stop axis germany from acquiring turkey and spain as allies? I just dont understand this? I spend countless diplomacy chit and they still become axis allie help me pls!

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Hi GermanPlane :) ,

- I think you can't because Axis has an advantage in diplomatic chits once Italy joins and France is out.

- The only thing you can do is prevent Spain OR Turkey from becoming Axis by investing all chits on one of them (before Axis do if possible).

- A more costly and risky option is to diplo Spain or Turkey very early using UK+FRance+China chits.

- If you can get some hits before Axis do you'll buy time and will be able to use soviet and then USA diplo chits later to win the backstage war.

- Another option is to let Axis burn chits on Spain and Turkey and use yours on USSR or USA unopposed. It can bring great results quite quickly but cost a lot.

I hope this will help but you'll probably get other/better answers by SCGC crew ^^ .

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