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AT Gun Won't Fire?

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Good Day All,

I have a problem that I suspect is on my end (not the game's), but I'm not sure how to solve it. I have had a Canadian AT gun set up for the past 15 minutes of a battle and have ordered it to fire on a bunker (it's acting as an artillery piece in this scenario) directly (he can see the target clearly). It is deployed and appears ready to fire, but it never does. Please see the screen shots below:


This is an overview of the position and readiness of the gun.


This is a detail shot of the panel so you can clearly see his state and whatnot.

Can anyone here see any reason why this gun won't fire? He's had a "Target" Order now for the past 10 to 15 minutes, but has only fired 1 or 2 rounds in that time. I can't tell you why he fired those 2 rounds but they seemed random. Any help would be appreciated as I'm sure I'm missing something here.

Thanks much!

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Thanks for the replies people! I'm thinking that it just might be the bunker is no longer occupied as zmoney suggested. When I draw the line to the bunker, it shows a clear LOS (the screenie wasn't very good in showing that aspect unfortunately). I do have a way of confirming this as the previous shot was at a second bunker and it destroyed it. I'll try targeting the destroyed one again and see what happens. I didn't realize that units wouldn't fire on destroyed or empty units/bunkers, so that may well be what I'm seeing here. I'll try a couple of things and report back.

Many thanks again for the help. Back in a bit.

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Good Morning

@Freyberg - thanks for this (and sorry for the long delay in replying - I seem to be having problems logging into the forum for some reason). That's very possible that this is the issue. I'm doing some tests now as this is a self-designed scenario I'm using and it's possible that the bunker never did get occupied. I thought I had shot at that bunker previously, but it was another one adjacent to it and it was destroyed in the process. As was mentioned above, it seems like you can't fire on something that's surrendered or destroyed, so I suspect that's what the problem is. However, yes, I did set a facing command prior to deploying the weapon, so this is something else to look at. Much appreciated. Hopefully I can get back in again in another day once my tests are complete and let you folks know what finally was determined. Again, sure appreciate all the help. Have a good one, all :).

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Yes, my feeling is that it should fire at the bunker regardless. How does the AT team know if everyone is either dead or has fled the bunker?

What I would like to do though is re-run this scenario, only this time make absolutely certain there are enemy troops inside the bunker, then shoot at them using the Target command. If that works, and then if I have the Germans abandon the bunker and the gun then refuses to fire at them, the "issue" would be confirmed and perhaps something can be done about that. Until this is fully "tested" further, I'm reluctant to call it an issue just yet, but it looks like it might be. More to come.

Thanks for your input Ian. Appreciate it.

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Hmmnn, not sure what happened here, but I think I just "reported" my own post (I hate it when I report my own post <LOL>). It appears to be gone so I'll repost it now and hopefully I don't end up with a double post. Please pardon my awkwardness on this forum - still getting used to it :).

I would agree Ian. I do think the gun should fire regardless. How would the AT gun crew know if the occupants were still present or not, or if they had all been killed in real life? This all said, I think I'll reset the scenario and this time make sure I place people in the bunker, then try shooting the bunker using the Target Command as before. I'll play both sides and at some point remove the occupants, then attempt to shoot at the target again with the AT Gun. If it fails to do so once the occupants have left (including left the "universe" ;)), then yes, I would say it's an issue and hopefully one that could be fixed. At this point though, I'm a little reluctant to say anything definitively as there may be other variables at work here that I'm unaware of.

Thanks much for your input Ian. Appreciate it. This time I'll try to post this without reporting myself (for whatever I did before <LOL>).

(yeah, double post. Sorry for the mess people. I'd say it's "Monday", except it's not <sigh>)

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