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Spain Civil War.

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Hello Friends,

I, writte from Spain, and hace two questions:

Is any Map or Campaigne from Spanish Civil War, for: SCW 2 o Gold?

What is the diference for Global Campaing from 1939 to 1947 and the Campaing Brote Force at same dates?

Thsk a Lot ;.-)))

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Hola Mandra

There is a Spanish Civil War campaign in the SC2 Expansion Weapons and Warfare.

Things have improved greatly in the game engine since that was released, so it doesn't use all the features now possible, but it is there if you want to play it.

The Global Conflict and Brute Force campaigns are quite different from each other, and as Brute Force is a mod that can be downloaded for free, if you have Global Conflict then you can play Brute Force too.

I hope that answers your questions?


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Hh Thk for the answer, but:

I have the SCW 2, in spanish format, and the mod of Spanish civil war, dont work ;-(.

And I have Strategic Command whith Global Conflict Gold update buy, I have play the normal Campaing 1939 - 1947 completly.

And i will play now the Brute Force Campaing (i have it), but i dont know the diference of both campaing???

Sorry for me trasnlate for spanish ;.-((..

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Hi Mandra,

Can you tell me what the problem is with the Spanish Civil War campaign for SC2 Weapons and Warfare? What type of error do you receive?

For Brute Force, it is just a different concept on a global map and campaign as the map implementation is different and some of the settings for units and other elements are a bit different as well.

Once you start playing it the differences should become immediately apparent :)


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