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Quick Noob Questions

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Hi guys!

Just startet to play the game, but have some problems. Hope to find help here :) Playing the Axis, I just conquered Poland and wanted to proceed to Denmark. But - how to declare war? Where do I find the option?

And how can I use battleships/carriers to conduct attacks on (chinese) land units? I can attack a harbor with a battleship, but can't bombard land units. And how to start carrier-aircrafts?

The german manual doesn't answer these questions, I fear :(

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Hi Cfant :) ,

Welcome around and to answer your first question about how to declare war:


1) go to the Maps menu on the upper right of your screen (pic 1 below)

(the button just above the research one looking like a bottle)

2) click on war map at the bottom left of your screen (pic 2 below)

3) click on the country that will declare war at the bottom of the screen (pic 3 below)

(Germany should already be selected by default)

4) click on the country you want to declare war to (pic 3 below)

(click with the mouse on the map somewhere outside flags to have a better wiew)

5) click on declare war at the bottom right of your screen (pic 3 below)


And you're at war ^^ !





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Hi again ^^ ,

- Then about your second question for warships:

1) surface ships can attack units, ressources or units on ressources

2) they will target ressources first in the last situation unless its value is at 0

3) you still have a random chance to hit an unit on a ressource tile

- You can see the difference below where the chinese unit is in a city (ressource tile) and the polish unit is on an a clear terrain tile (pic 1&2 below).

- The japanese ship combat windows shows two yellow numbers at the bottom center:

RA=2 (Ressource Attack value of the ship)

ND=1 (Naval Defense value of target)

For the german cruiser it is:

RA=0 because there is no ressource to attack

(though its base Ressource Attack value is 1)

ND=0 because a clear terrain tile has no protection against naval bombardment


- The white numbers Atkr=1 : Dfdr=1 at the top of the combat window are also a bit different as they show the possible outcome.

The japanese ship has 1/1 and the german one 0/0 first. Those are the points/steps each side (attacker and defender) will probably lose.

So it's 1 ressource point/MPP for the chinese target against 1 step for the japanese battleship.

- The last white number to the right of these odds: (0 10%) is the probability the japanese ship will hit the chinese unit on the ressource tile.

0 is the number of steps the unit can lose

10% is the probability the unit will be hit and lose steps

(given the cost of ship steps it's better to avoid attacking ressource tiles with unupgraded units especially early in the game)


- So how to attack for surface ships:

1) have a ship already adjacent to an enemy unit or move one to be adjacent

(left click a naval unit to select it and left click again on the tile where you want to go)

2) move the mouse pointer over your target and left click again on it to fire

(you should see a red circle appearing when doing so as in the pics below)

(however if you mouse-click before firing your ship will just end its turn)

- One last thing: I put the german cruiser in port to attack the polish unit so you can see how it works but it's a bad idea otherwise. Ships can be attacked by land units in ports and are VERY vulnerable to that kind of attacks ^^ .




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- Last question about carriers: they're a bit more tricky since before attacking you have to decide which attack mode you want.

- To do that click right on your carrier and you'll see a scrolling menu. You'll have 3 choices in the set mode submenu (see pic 1 below):

1)fighter (green circle on your carrier)

(low land/naval attack but can escort other planes or intercept enemy ones TWICE in a turn)

2)naval/tactical (red circle on your carrier)

(high land/naval attack TWICE on your turn but without escort or intercept ability)

3)mix (orange circle on your carrier)

(medium land/naval attack can escort other planes or intercept enemy ones TWICE in a turn)


- Usually you want naval/tactical (red) to attack land units or ships so select that (left click on the submenu).

- Then you have to select/move your carrier (left click) within two tiles of your intended target. A green circle will appear over tiles where you can move your carrier as well as its path (see pic 2 below).

- You can change this path by setting pathpoints by pressing your keyboard "control" key when that green circle is over the tiles you want your ship to go through (see pic 3 below).

- You can clear your pathpoints (yellow circles) if something is wrong by clicking right on the map (but if you click left your ship will move along the already set pathpoints so be careful : D).


- You can attack (TWICE per turn) before or after moving by clicking left on your target if you're within two tiles of it. A red circle will appear over enemy controlled tiles (see pic 4 below).

(that range can increase to four tiles with long range technology)

- Then it will work as for other surface ships except carriers won't attack ressources only units on top of them. They have a deentrenchment value of 1 per attack so they can help a lot against fortified units. However they will be more efficient if they can target unentrenched units on clear terrain tiles.

- You can see in the pic SA instead of RA and CD instead of ND in the bottom of the combat box.

SA is the Soft Attack value (mostly infantry units) of your carrier

CD is the Carrier Defense value of the targeted unit


- You can also perform recon mission over enemy tiles clouded by the Fog of War instead of attacking. The red circle will appear again (see pic 5 below).

- If there is an (hidden) enemy unit on the tile you target your carrier will reveal and attack it. If there is no unit on the tile nothing will happen but you'll also reveal adjacent tiles.

- No carrier missions can be done if the sea tile where your carrier is a rough seas one (you can see that at the default highest zoom level on the map the tiles arn't a clean blue they have white waves on them).

- No carrier missions can be done over a targeted tile if it is under rain/fog.

- And lastly remember carrier missions can always be intercepted (TWICE per turn) by enemy fighters or carriers in fighter (green) or mix (orange) mode.

Hope ot will help you have fun with the game : ) !







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Dear Strategiclayabout, I thank you very much. :) I think it's the best and most helpful answer, a noob could ever hope to get :) I salute you, Sir, for your kindness. Things are much clearer now, thanks again!

Tried out already, works really fine ;) Consider yourself spared, when my panzers roll through France :D;)

Many greetings,


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May I ask two more questions? I guess they are answered quickly ;)

1. After I conquered Poland (in my second try, what shall I say, seems I'm no Manstein or Patton :rolleyes:), I wanted to regroup my forces. But during winter my units only moved 1-2 hexes per turn/month. :eek: I know I could use my few MPP to make it faster, but that's no real option, I guess. Is it normal? I mean, hey, this is not Sibiria, it's Germany. They have rail and Autobahnen :P It's strange, when it takes half a year to send a unit from Poland to the French border :confused:

2. I attack, then I can move the unit. But as soon as I leave the unit (rightclick), it can no longer move. That's quite a problem, as I cannot reconsider my movements after the fight. Ok, you have to think BEFORE you attack, but my further decisions may be altered by the outcome of a fight. Is there an option to change that no-movement-after-rightclick-rule?

Thanks again!

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Hi Cfant

1) Moving units on the roads will negate the effect of bad weather on movement, and supply levels are also crucial too. Have your units keep close to towns and cities as they head west, or near to HQs as they provide supply too.

One thing you can do is to Forced March your units from east to west. This does tire them out, so don't over use it, but it will greatly speed up their movement.

To Force March, select the unit, look at the top right of the interface and there will be an icon there which if you select, will greatly increase the movement range of your unit.

Note that you cannot attack in the same turn as using forced march, or if they start the turn adjacent to the enemy. Some units such as HQs, partisans, air and naval units cannot force march.

2) Planning ahead is the key, as once a unit has moved or attacked and you've deselected it, its turn is over.

I don't know if you've seen this thread but it may be worth your while to go through it, or at least to bookmark it:


Although the details are taken from our WWI game, most things work the same way in our WWII games, and this should help your Panzer conquests! :)


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Thanks a lot. I am relieved, that there is a "forced march" option :) The game has some learning curve, guess I'll need a few tries till success, but in good german tradition I just ignore a defeat and attack the rest of the world just again :D

Thanks for the nice help! :)

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See your panzers soon :D .

Just look out of the window :D I managed to conquer France yesterday :) On the other hand, Norway still resists. :P However, I bother you with two more quick questions :)

1. I cannot find the forced march-button? The only icon I find on the interface is the "next unit" button?

2. I read, that there is a "switch position" command, so that two units can change their positions. I read, you have to highlight one unit, press shift and click on the other units. Sadly it doesn't work Is there such an command? Would be useful

Thanks one more!

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Hehe well once you take Oslo it should be good for Norway ;) .

1. The forced march-button only appears once you've selected an unit. The menu bar on the right of the screen is replaced by one with only two buttons. The one you need is the white one at the top (see pic below).

- select your unit

- click the top button with white icon

- click on the tile you want to send your unit to

(the green circle below shows the jap corps has now a 4 tile range or double its base 2 one)


2. The switch key is shift on your keyboard but you have to kepp holding it:

- select one friendly unit

- press shift and keep holding it

- move the mouse over an adjacent friendly unit

(the mouse pointer should change over that second unit and become a black arrow with two opposite heads)

(sorry no pic since my screen capture can't show mouse pointers :P)

- click left on the second unit and they should switch

(you can now release the shift key)


- the first unit you selected should still be able to attack whatever the cost of the terrain tile it moved on (unless unpassable) but moving after that attack will only be possible if the unit has movement points left

- the second unit should also be able to attack and move after switching if it has movement points left



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Thanks again for your kind help, although it's exactly, what I tried. I selected a unit, but the white icon does not appear.


Switching positions doesn't work either. Maybe I do not have the actual patch, I'll have a look.

But anyway, you have been very helpful and nice, thanks for that! :)

Edit: I have 1.07.01. Is there newer one?

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My pleasure ;) ,

- And my bad: seeing your screen capture I see you're on SCWWII (probably 1.07 since your chinese units are blue instead of french ones huhu ^^) while I'm on SCWWIIGold 1.04 !

- Not sure when forcemarch and unit switching came in the game (maybe with Gold) between those two. Hubert or someone else from the developer team will know for sure but I'll take a look at the patch notes.


- Yep found it, those two features were added with the Gold expansion:


"SC Global GOLD expansion - new features!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Unit Swapping - Adjacent units can now have their positions easily swapped with a new in game swapping mechanism.

Forced March - Allows you to move a unit within friendly territory at 2X the available action points but at a cost of reduced unit morale."

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No problem. :) I simply have to play more careful, can't hurt anyway ;) But, reading you are a developer: I have a technical problem (in other words: a bug). I postet it in the problem-section, maybe you can take a look when you find the time :)

Thanks anyone for your kind help! :)

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Hi, Cfant.

If you like, we can do a play-by-mail game against each other.

Not a competitive one, but one where you can ask questions about all aspects arising during the game.

I play the game series for 11 years, and I am not such a superb player as Strategiclayabout, but know my way around pretty much.

I wont be cruel in this game, play pretty much like the AI does, its purpose would really be to let you learn the game.

Furthermore I gather you are German. As I am a German too, we could mail in German language to avoid any misunderstandings in questions and explanations.

Its up to you, just wanted to offer it.

Its a great game, and one should know how to play it to appreciate all aspects.

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