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Names of UK battleships

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This is only a cosmetic issue, but the names of the three UK BBs in the british build queue are in the wrong order.

In game, DUKE OF YORK gets ready first, followed by KING GEORGE V and lastly PRINCE OF WALES.

Historically, first ship commissioned for duty was KING GEORGE V, second PRINCE OF WALES, and only last in Mid 1941 DUKE OF YORK.

On another issue, it is stated in the DE about recomissioning UK ships for duty either in Indian Ocean or home waters, carrier INDOMITABLE will be recommissioned too.

INDOMITABLE was a new carrier of the armoured flight deck series, and already in action in 41, if I recall it right.

Perhaps the name of one of RN prewar carriers would be more fitting, for example FURIOUS or COURAGEOUS.

Furthermore I dont understand why this ship, if INDOMITABLE, is at half strength if it was actually a newly built ship, but with full upgrades.

This leads me to my opinion that both INDOMITABLE and ROYAL SOVEREIGN BB should arrive at full strength in India if to be of any use there.

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Hi Amona

Regarding the strength of the naval units, the Indomitable only represents one carrier (whereas most naval units in game represent 2-3) and she could only carry 45 aircraft whereas Japanese carriers generally carried significantly more.

Originally she was slated to have joined the Prince of Wales and Repulse in the Far East, and I have read that it was probably fortuitous that neither she nor the Hermes (which was considered as her replacement) did join Force Z because she would have proved no match for the Japanese and would have likely suffered the same fate as they did.

In truth, it would be more correct to say in the Decision text that the Indomitable is under repair, rather than being recommissioned, as she suffered some damage after running aground in the West Indies.

With the Royal Sovereign also representing just the one ship, then having it at half strength also makes sense, particularly as it was old and slow.

You are definitely correct in thinking that they would need to be at full strength to be of any use against the Japanese, as the problem the British had was that they couldn't spare enough resources to make any difference in the Indian Ocean at the start of the fighting there. So their arrival at half strength is intentional.

I hope this explains things better.


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