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I'm skint at the mo', so I'm eagerly anticipating the upgrades for FI and BN to the same iteration of the engine as RT uses. It's not like I've even really scratched the surface of the CW-MG goodness, nor bought GL (which will probably come after the upgrades, budget allowing).

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The actual time period isn't my favourite..but hey it's East front and Combat Mission X2..so it's a must buy.

Battlefront will surely do a bang up job on RT. They'll follow up with intelligent updates. You'll get interesting and balanced scenarios- even given this one-sided phase of the war. But I can't help but think 1943 would have been a better choice. They had *almost* all the German models thanks to Fortress Italy.

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Yes I agree with with GhostRider3/3. CMRT is a dream come true. I am really enjoying the more open terrain of CMRT when compared to CMBN, along with all of the add-on's. Thank's to all of the modders/mission makers and team Battlefront. The first Wargame I bought as a teenager in 1976 was Panzer Blitz. What a long way we have come over the last 40 years! Best wishes to all!

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OMG Pantzer Blitz, memories lol. that must have been one of the very first strategy war games ever released?

Far from it. Even board wargames for hobbyists had been around for over a decade when Panzer Blitz was released.

Amazing this has been already 40 years ago!

I bought my copy in 1972 and it had been out for over a year by then.


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