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How do you work with your CMBN...when you have differents modules installed?

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For my part of view

I use more drive

E drive is only Games I installed an ORIGINAL GAME from CMBN CMMG CMSF without forgot to patched it.

S (drive is for me a test game drive) I make a copy from my vanilla game drive E (above in this drive) and make a copy to my S drive, than I can changed renamed delete added some mods music...for a specific module change background music sound for a specific mod exemple: only Market Garden CMBN MG or Gustave Line CMFI GL or the new wonderfull Bugle 44 (from kohlenklau) it's mean there is lot of game module installed, when is something wrong after I tested it, I have only to delete it again::eek:

to the E Drive

CMBN Module Battle of Normandy (renamed personly)

Overlord (played as a Allied player) folder specific for the Allied (sound music screen background vehicle loop ...

Der Atlantik Wall (played as a Axe player) folder specific for Axe (sound music screen background vehicle loop ...

CMBN Module

Market Garden (when I played as a Allied player)

Arnheim (when I played as a Axe player)

CMFI Module Fortress Italy

CMFI Module Gustave Line and Bugle 44

It's mean 4 modules installed of E (drive) and 2 installed of s (drive)

One CMBN and MG

One CMFI and GL

All modules take of course a lot of place but I don't mind, and it's work and I don't have conflict with differents update, I keep only the "things" I need for the period, when it is working I can change what I want where I want.

When a module work (how I want) I make a copy again in my E drive and delete the old one and delete the s drive again in this case I don't have to reinstalled all complete game, but only make a copy from the old one and delete the last one from my S drive in this case I'm certain that the game work again, because I keep allways a copy of the last one, in case of... In fact, there is allways 4 modules installed ;) ...,difficult and complicated you will say but effectiv.

What about you?

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One thing I do is that I have multiple PCs, some notebooks some desktops. So I have CMBN installed on like four machine CMFI on two. One CMFI is running Bulge the other normal. And with my CMBN installs I can play HTH Solo or LAN which helps experiment with various set ups defenses etc when designing scenarios.


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