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Two new scenarios for the GL Bulge 44 mod


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Howdy these were mentioned in the bottom of the vehicle thread but I thought I would put them in a separate thread. In commemoration of 71 years ago here are two Bulge scenarios:

Both these missions were designed for NOTE: This mission was designed for the BULGE 44 MOD by Kohlenklau, available at Battlefront Repository and CMMOds. Note: Both these scenarios have light snow. (I mention this since I know there is at least one guy on this forum that blows a gasket at the sight of snow in his CM scenarios.)

Lanzerath Ridge, Belgium. 16 December, 1944 by Los

This battle is a version of the delaying action on Lanzerath Ridge with the I&R platoon of the 394th Infantry regiment (under the command of Lt. Lyle Bouck) vs I.9 FJR. It's pretty much an infantry engagement. Can be played HTH or Single player. Size is SMALL.


Looking over towards Lanzerath Ridge:


The second battle is "The Stand at Noertrange". ( a small village between Wiltz and Bastogne) This is a medium sized battle. Can be played HTH or Single player (best as Germans). This is a combined arms operation.


A scene from the action, note Kohlenklau's winter camo.


And here's the map:


Enjoy and thanks to the mod makers for their inspiring work. Hopefully they will be available in the repository as well.


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Thanks again for the 2 scenarios. I will PM you and work out how to mail/e-mail you a prize for the Bulge 44 scenario contest. You were the only entry and thus the unanimous grand prize winner. Maybe a starbucks gift certificate?

Oh, that winter camo German tank is NOT my work. I thought it was your work!

Where did you get it? I ended up just importing the newer 3 color camo PzIVG images from CMBN.

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I thought the tanks were yours, either way I dl'd them from either the repository or CMMods. It turns out Naplam made them, he has a few winter vehicles up there at CMMods.. No need for a gift certificate. Its a wonderful thought however. Just crank out more stuff... Thanks


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To help get in the spirit for this mod and scenarios, here's a link to an outstanding old documentary on the battle for St. Vith that someone posted on BGG today on a Bulge anniversary thread:

The video clips will be familiar to many, so I recommend opening this map to follow the action as you listen:


To me, the real highlights are the detailed attention to this one battle, and seeing participants (still vigorous and with fresh memories in the 1950s) meeting on the actual battlefield to tell the story. There's Manteuffel himself, standing next to the US general who commanded the division opposite him, with both of them recalling details that really make the history come alive again.

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Looking forward to seeing the full cmbn Bulge mod. Here's a few screenshots from my upcoming scenario about the PanzerBrigade 150 morning assault to capture the Warche bridge near Malmedy. As this is my first scenario it will probably need some testing from volunteers.

Also, first time posting pics...here goes (fingers crossed):




The Germans will have the historical mix of modified Panthers and US vehicles.

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I was thinking we can import greatcoats for both sides as well as US Army airborne but it will be all or nothing.

Maybe we can get some new vehicle modders to crank out some winter camo!!! Good job Napalm. I better dl it soon.

It is a lot of fun but it does take time to learn and accomplish.

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