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Commonwealth Module Sale?

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I think so, Michael.

Oh, and norvandave, I agree with Phil, CW is well worth the money, IMO. You *may* run into a problem if you install CW after you have already upgraded to 2.0. What you might have to do is reinstall 2.0 (and subsequent patches) again afterwards. You might even have to uninstall everything and reinstall in the proper order, which would be:

(1) CMBN

(2) Commonwealth Module

(3) V 1.11 Patch

(4) CMBN 2.0 Upgrade

(5) Market Garden Module

(6) V 2.12 Patch

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I already have CM Normandy 2.0, so the bundle upgrade to CM Normandy 2.0 with MG + CW doesn't work for me. I would like to see a bundle where I can have have just the MG+Commonwealth bundle. CW is $35 and MG $40 separately. How about a combination for $65? Finding the separate add-ons a little pricey.

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I know this isn't an optimal solution, but wouldn't you still be ahead even if you bought the CW/ MG and 2.0 Upgrade, despite the duplication of the last? And if you had a duplicate of the Upgrade, might it not be possible to find someone to either sell it to (no idea whether this is doable or permissible) or give it to someone who'd benefit? In my long wargaming career, I've repeatedly been the recipient of such beneficence, and a donor on occasion, as resources permitted. Figures, rules, games, dice, books and more can all benefit a wargamer. This could be your chance to give a fellow gamer a leg up.


John Kettler

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This is where Steve's idea of a "buyers club" discount would be nice. As we get more and more modules, upgrades, and packs, "bundles" are going to get more complicated and confusing.

I'm sure BFC would like to reward their long time customers with discounts. Perhaps some sort of "rewards points" system? Of course, if they started that, then people who have been buying CM all the way back to CMBO would want the points to be retroactive. ;-)

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