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A.I. and TRP's.

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A little question regarding TRPs and the AI in quick battles: If I prepare a quick battle and give the AI good FOs and let's say three TRPs, is the AI going to place those TRPs on the objectives, if there are three objectives further away from where the AI's troops start, is it going to place them on spots which could be stratetigal ones, like crossroads and close to bridges, whether or not those are objectives or is it going to place them randomly on the map which means that they could be placed where ever no matter whether any of the troops might go there or not?

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Not TRP related i know...ūüėé

But with the V.4  update the AI has a new trick up its sleeve that is rather neat (atleast when playing scenarios)...

- The on-map mortars doing areafire...

The bombardment can start either via the game clock or triggers...

A step in the right direction when it comes to AI and indirect fire


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You mean the ctrl + colouring the area command to tell the AI where to send the artillery fire? I know about that but was wondering whether the AI use TRPs in Quick Battles. As the AI doesn't seem to use them, or maybe the TRPs just aren't visible when one is having a look at the map after the cease fire, I guess it's better to give the AI very good FOs and Officers to give it a chance to send hell on the player's troops.

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