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new Battle for Normandy PBEM video AAR

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Great AAR. Only Criticism I have <spoiler alert!> is that you glossed over the final shootout w/ the StuG! I wanted to see who hit it with what effect and you zipped right past! That was awesome getting so much firepower concentrated on it.

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Nice vid and damned near text book maneuvering! They'll be teaching that engagement at West Point when the war is over.

I agree with the StuG comment. Maybe a tad more on the cinematics too. However, as a study tool you pretty much nailed it as far as I am concerned. That would be a good AAR to point newbies to—give them a grasp of tactics at work.


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Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. Next AAR I'll be sure to get some close ups of the tank on tank action (does that classify as CM porn?).

I'll also try to render the next one in a higher resolution so the video doesn't look so grainy. Ithikial and I are playing out a PBEM at the moment, from which we're both going to produce a video AAR so you'll get both sides perspectives which should make for a good watch.

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