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New Scenario Release - Three Patrol Action


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Just submitted to the repository and should be available soon. This is a scenario I have been working on for the last six months or so. After testing and tweaking it's time to release it onto the masses. It is a semi-historical depiction of the 101st Airborne in action around the hamlet of Fournel on the evening of D-Day.

Scenarios can't be designed without good feedback and testing. Many thanks to the following members of 'The Few Good Men' community for testing and providing feedback:

- Bootie

- Rambler

- MtK




The engagement is a good opportunity for an infantry based fight where there is little in the way of off map support. (Something which appears to becoming more prevalent with every scenario I seem to play!) Though some limited options are available for indirect fire missions, wining the scenario should be determined by troop movements and managing of reserve forces rather than a few well-placed artillery strikes. For the most enjoyment, I suggest playing as the Paratroopers first.

The scenario was mostly designed under v2.01, though some final tweaks were completed under v2.12. Owning the base game should be sufficient enough to play.

Hope you enjoy! :D

Ithikial (The Few Good Men, YouTube), Ithikial_AU (Battlefront Forums).


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Read the full scenario designer notes in the mission. I first discovered this action because of the game Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, though that was a highly fictionalized take on the action. It was one of my favorite missions of the series.

There is an AI plan for both sides and H2H should be fine as well. Playing as the Germans maybe a little easier as you have numbers on your side.

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