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Just Uploaded a New Mission for the T-55A

Mortarman Deke

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This is a new mission for the T-55A set in the level 12 Defense mission map from the T-72 BOF campaign series of missions. This one has been uploaded to the Battlefront Repository, and will be available for download as soon as the administrators review and post it to the site.

The cache file is: Infantry Support t55.ca

The script file is: InfSuppt.pd

In this mission your T-55A is tasked with providing direct fire support for an allied infantry squad advancing on a farm to the southeast of an important motor transport repair facility.

Intell reports that an enemy light armored reconnaissance detachment has recently captured the abandoned farm to the southwest of an allied motor transport repair facility. An allied infantry squad fortified with RPG-7's is currently on patrol through the village to the southwest of the same motor transport facility. This infantry squad has been given orders to retake the abandoned farm and destroy the enemy light armored recon force. You initial orders are to head south toward the farm, and engage it with OFS and machine gun fire. Destroy as much of the light armored recon force as you can as the allied infantry squad approaches the farm from the village.

Command is concerned that the enemy light armored force has already gathered intell on our forces in the area and communicated this to their command. After driving out or destroying the light armored recon force, you should anticipate an organized enemy counter attack. Your orders also include supporting the allied T-55A's and the stationary forces around the motor transport facility with repelling the enemy counter attack.

Enemy forces consist of the following: a light armored force including a BRDM-2, an MTLB, and an infantry squad, a tank platoon of 3 Leopard-1A4 tanks, a mechanized infantry force including a Shturm-S, an MTLB, and an infantry squad, and a flight of Mi-8 helicopters.

Allied forces (in addition to your T-55A) consist of the following: an infantry squad fortified with RPG-7's, 2 T-55A tanks, a mechanized infantry force including a Shturm-S, an MTLB, and an infantry squad, and 2 Sprut-B heavy anti-tank guns.

Keep an eye out for the Mi-8's and the Leopard's. The helicopters are more than capable of destroying your T-55A with their rockets even with setting the player's tank armor to 2.0. I found this to be a pretty enjoyable and challenging mission. I hope you do too. Enjoy!

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I just played this one again, and got taken out by one of the enemy Leopard tanks. After which during the post mission 3-D fly through I got to watch the allied Sprut-B gun crews in action against enemy forces, and got to see a Shturm-S vs Shturm-S dual. The allied one ended up winning that, but got knocked out shortly after by an enemy RPG gunner rushing the allied Motor T facility. In the end, allied forces ended up winning, but it came down to one of the allied infantry officers in a shootout with two enemy riflemen and an RPG gunner at close range. The officer was able to shoot and kill all three with his handgun. Pretty intense. All of that I was able to watch during the post mission 3-D fly through.

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