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Procedure for posting a senario here

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I have made the senario but how do I get it from its game folder to the forum? I didnt get past isolating the folder for it. If I post it can others here fill in the small maps and text. The editor only has a place for text in the mission page. I can't fill in each sides orders or senario designer page. I can't do little maps. If I can out it here can others give it finishing touches? I have the map and correct forces for this senario. It's the MG meeting Engagement at Westerbouwing heights Sept 21. Thanks


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It is quite easy to make a mission briefing. In JonS' tutorial you can read how to do it. You can make it with notepad and import it into your scenario.

As far as artwork is concerned, you can do it with MS Paint if you need to.

If you are finished you can upload it in the Repository. You do need to make an account for that.

Edit: if you really can't figure it out how to add mission briefings and artwork, or how to publish it on the repository, I am willing to help you. Mind you, my graphical skills are not exactly stellar, but you can check out my work by downloading some of my scenario's. You can send me an email with your scenario.btt and I can add the mission text for you and throw in some pictures. I can then even publish it under my account and make VERY sure all know that it your baby in the description and designer notes. But really, wouldn't it so much better if you carry this through yourself? You are almost there!

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Thanks Mike. I will try to find notepad and paint but in the mean time I will try to send you what I have do you can see it. I like it cause it is historical and when I played it I happened as it did then. Even the opening when the tower MG hit the Germans by surprise was correct. I have to get the senario file to email if I can figure that I will send it along. I think it is a very playable one. Charlie

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